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Shauna Saneinejad

Shauna Saneinejad

Business Development and Brand Manager of Noise Pop, U.S.
  • Shauna Saneinejad is the Business Development and Brand Manager at Noise Pop Industries in San Francisco, a production and marketing company that produces some of the largest Bay Area events. Noise Pop industries runs Treasure Island Music Festival, Noise Pop Festival, Swedish American Hall and Café Du Nord (venues), along with the event discovery site

    Originally from the Bay Area, she visited San Francisco often for shows and art experiences, hoping to eventually live in the city and have access to music on a weekly basis. Later realizing that this could turn into a career, she pursued opportunities in the music space, to bring those experiences to others.

    Shauna started out in the special events department for UC San Diego’s Concerts & Events, booking bands on campus and also curating the art program for their large spring music festival, Sun God Festival (Macklemore, Portugal. The Man, Kendrick Lamar, Giraffage). She moved back to San Francisco in 2014 to expand her career in music and events, finding a production position at Noise Pop. By the second year, she moved into the business development & brand department, connecting tech, lifestyle, and beverage brands to the world of independent music and the arts. Since entering this role, she has now managed over 100+ brand campaigns across all Noise Pop Industries properties, supporting the company’s ability to keep the arts alive in San Francisco.

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  • Business Development and Brand Manager of Noise Pop, U.S.