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Jürgen Enniger

Jürgen Enniger

  • Jürgen Korbinian Enninger, currently head of the team of excellence for culture and creative industries of the city of Munich, was born in 1968, started his music publishing career in 1994 as publishing assistant at Musikverlage Hans Wewerka, München. After a traineeship in Hong Kong in 1996 at Media Bank Entertainment, he became head of music publishing of ENJA in München, Germany. He became CEO of ENJA RECORDS and ENJA music publishing in 2006.

    Jürgen Enninger volunteers since 2004 as speaker of the association of independent music industry in Southern Germany and became member of the board of the Jazz and Worldmusic association of Germany in 2008. Since November 2008, he has also represented the music publishing section of the VUT, the association of the independent music industry in Germany, until 2010 when he became head of the Bavarian office of the federal German initiative for culture and creative industries. In 2015, he moved his focus to the development of urban cultural, economic and real estate perspectives for the creative industries in Munich. In 2016, he was elected as speaker of the German association for promoting creative industries (PCI).

    (photo credit: Jürgen Liebherr)

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  • 德國慕尼黑文化和創意產業事務中心主管、德國促進創意產業協會發言人