Public Talk 2020

Nothing stops us from pursuing the music in our hearts! This year our public talks will be livestreamed online, so stay tuned!

Session 1 – 10th September 2020, 7:30pm

Topic: Go Global – How to Set Foot in Music Festivals?

Speakers: Justin Sweeting (Clockenflap / Music Director of Magnetic Asia), Edwin Lung (Project Director of Ear Up Global / Independent Art Producer)

Host: Jing Wong (Singer-songwriter / Theatre Worker)

Session 2 – 10th September 2020, 9:15pm

Topic: 16 Years of Harbour Records – The Hong Kong Indie Record Label of Collective Work

Speakers: P (my little airport), Ling Ling Ling (Teenage Riot / False Alarm), PorPor Channel (Teenage Riot / 22Cats, Kit (22Cats)

Host: Chi-chung Yuen (Music Critic / Music Media Worker)

Session 3 – 17th September 2020, 7:30pm

Topic: Music Self-marketing – The Promotion and Publishing of Indie Music

Speakers: Kwan Shing (Prune Deer), Kan (Producer of C AllStar), Andy Leung (C AllStar), SoulJase (C AllStar)

Host: CMgroovy (The Majestic G / Music Producer)

Session 4 – 17th September 2020, 9:15pm

Topic: Go Online – Do Livestreaming Concerts Work?

Speakers: Representatives from the Tone Online Music Festival Team: Joshua Chan (TTN / PC2S), Jason (Detuned Radio Festival), Alex Chu (Daymaker Creatives), Wah (Zuk Studio)

Representatives from the Music Lab / Ginger Muse Team: Cy Leo, Flavian Luk, Joyce Cheung

Host: Serrini (Cultural Worker)