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  • Stephen / Vocals + AG, Sandy / Vocals / Piano


    per se is a music duo composed of music talents: Stephen Mok and Sandy Ip.

    per se means intrinsic or in itself, which reflects our music being just music without the limitations and burdens of genre or style.

    They started by releasing their debut EP in 2013 and have since released several digital singles as well as a concept mini-album revolving around the puzzles of life named 「Conundrum」 in 2016.

    In 2017 per se opened for Priscilla Ahn and also played in Hong Kong music festivals Wow & Flutter and Clockenflap. They also completed their first music tour in Taiwan that same year; exposing their music to a larger audience. They also released two Cantonese songs 《家變》and《親愛的幽靈》which are a part of their upcoming album based on the different endings we face in life called「ends」.



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