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  • Jeff Li aka NA$TY J / producer and rapper,

    Sean Cheng aka SSNOWBALL / rapper, ,

    Robert Wong aka DylanHing / rapper,

    Chiu Lap Fung aka Novel Friday / rapper

    Tyler lee / photographer, cinematographer

    Marco Yeung / photographer


    NA$TY J

    The most Hip-Hop senior members, by the old school boom bap style to trap music well known.NA$TY J is good to use of sampling, chopping, while as a sound engineer.

    DylanHing Habitual through the most light of the lyrics fine narrative of a story from the beginning, through the fable humor rap. In five years of exploration, making the flow of application changes, in addition to good Funk Style, in

    Boom Bap, Jazz, Trap, etc., but also easy to manage.

    SSnowball Lyrics of deep down and very literary style, rap style alternative and depth. Used to dig out the dark side of the city, to explore the contemporary human nature to suppress ugly problem.

    Novel Friday Short contact with rap a year, from Freestyle to writing changes, vocabulary and Flow applications, coupled with the original singing at the end of sound, the sound of the smooth and smooth works. Mv broadcast immediately attracted a number of media broadcast to: Stanvibes, twisted ears Aberdeen New Ears Music, noisy music and so on.


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