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Fung Lai-chi

Fung Lai-chi

Hong Kong
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  • Fung Lai-chi is a renowned music critic for more than thirty years. He is most respected in analyzing Canto Pop , and is accomplished in different music genres like rock, blues, jazz and even traditional Chinese music as well.

    Fung Lai Chi once formed a Rock band in the 80’s. He is a member of the advisory board for the CASH(HK) Golden Sail Music Awards. Fung has frequently been invited as speaker to give public speeches on topics about music or views on music industry. Fung Lai Chi is also a member of the judges panel for various Pop music awards in China in recent years.

    Fung worked in various magazines and newspapers and was the Chief Editor of music magazines “Quotables” and “Top”. His music review articles have been published in top selling Hong Kong newspapers and magazines including Next Magazine, Mingpao Weekly, Singtao Daily News, City Magazine, Cashflow(the magazine for CASH members) and many others. Music sites like moov., KKBox etc…also carry Fung’s works.

    Fung Lai Chi teaches “Pop Music—production and marketing” in Chinese University of Hong Kong as a part-time lecturer. He is a newspaper columnist and does freelance illustrations at the same time.

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