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French concession 法國租界

French concession 法國租界

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  • French_concession is a solo art-pop project of Ella Chau Yin Chi started in Shanghai in 2009. Her tightly woven and dreamy music scapes reflect the influence of her widespread travels, fusing her Hong Kong & New Zealand roots with stories and experiences gained around the world. Her 3rd EP ‘Euphoros’, released in 2015, has been described by New Zealand’s music journalist Martyn Pepperell as “ethereal dream pop vocals, glossy synthesiser arrangements and vivid syncopated beatscapes. Aesthetically recalling Darkbloom era Grimes and D’Eon, or even Miharu Koshi’s early Haruomi Hosono produced J-technopop sound, it’s compelling work.”

    Pop Crush describes one of her latest tracks, Moon Palace, as ‘something excitingly new and delightfully foreign, yet strangely familiar’ and compared her work to Bjork’s 2007 album ‘Volta’, and Grimes’ 2012 game changing ‘Visions’.

    French_concession was featured on the 1st Female Pressure (an international female producers collective based out of Berlin) compilation in 2016. Her tracks has received airplay on alternative music radio station in Montreal, Berlin, Melbourne, Austria, UK and especially played extensively on alternative radio stations in New Zealand, where many of her tracks had been voted onto the station’s weekly NZ-top-10 list.

    ‘Sleepy Babies’ & ‘Moon Palace’ from the At_Knifepoint EP was selected in Undertheradar‘s best tracks of 2016 & 2017 playlist respectively. In late 2016, Ella toured French_concession with Instant Fantasy & Othersun around New Zealand. In 2018, French_concession will be releasing her 5th EP with the Wellington based label Ball of Wax and a single with the London based label Chinabot.

    Other than music, Ella directed, shot, edited and composed soundtrack for a Himalayas documentary film called ‘Mani, the Valley of Happiness at a Crrossroads’. The film was screened at the Kathmandu International Mountain Film Festival and Domzale International Mountain Film Festival 2013.

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