Ear Up Music Showcase 2016

Ear Up Music Showcase 2016

8/10/2016 (Sat) 10:30pm

Venue: 1563 at the East

Performers: IX, The Sulis Club, The Three Hares


18/10/2016 (Tue) 8:00pm
Venue: 1563 at the East
Performers: Karmen Cheung, Winter Bagels, Linda Chow, SoundTube
Special guest: Lil’ Ashes


22/10/2016 (Sat) 10:30pm
Venue: 1563 at the East
Performers: Adrian Lo, Pasha, Empty
Special guest: Choi Sai Ho


30/10/2016 (Sun) 7:30pm-10:30pm

Venue: Multimedia Theatre,HKICC Lee Shau Kee School Of Creativity
Performers: SoundTube, Winter Bagels, Adrian Lo, Linda Chow, The Sulis Club, IX, Tik Chi, JL music, Empty
Special guest: Silhungmo


Enquiry:2811 8766