Music Industry Focused Curriculum

Led by local and international music professionals from all aspects of the music industry, Ear Up Incubation hopes to give participants a comprehensive look at the music industry at large, from publishing, distribution, operations, copyright, marketing, to management. Other than providing the basic knowledge to help the participants create their very own record label, Ear Up Incubation will also act as a networking platform for local musicians, with a view to create more collaboration opportunities.

International Music Forum and Pitching Showcase

In June 2018, an International Music Forum will be held with overseas music industry professionals to share their views on global trends and the latest developments in the music industry with the trade. In the interim, pitching showcases will be organized for mentees to showcase their music to overseas guests. The mentees who are eligible for playing at the finale music festival will be determined by the overseas guests at these pitching showcases.

Finale Music Festival:

A finale music festival will be held in latter half of 2018 as a climax to wrap up the program. Six out of the 12 mentees selected at the pitching showcases will perform together with special guests.

Ear Up Schedule

Deadline: November 30th 2017 Ear Up recruitment
December 17th 2017 Audition
January – March 2018 5 Public talks
April – May 2018 4 Tailored workshops
June 2018 International Music Forum and Pitching Showcase
August – September 2018 Finale Music Festival